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      I can not stay here now that there is no hope for me. It was too much to hope that you would love me; but I must go on loving you till I die.I am glad you have come back, was all she said; and Thank you, I am glad to get back, was all he said. And the two little phrases were spoken in the quietest of conventional tones; but Esmeralda felt a strange thrill at the sound of the voice she had missed for two whole days.

      He listened without a word, until the statement was finished. Then he rose, a little pale, but otherwise apparently unmovedfor the Belfayres did not wear their hearts upon their sleevesand saying, Thank you very much, Mr. Helby; I know how much we are indebted to you for your devotion, your close and anxious attention to our affairs. I will consider what youve said, he pressed Mr. Helbys hand and left the room.I am not tired, she whispered. What is it you want to say to me?

      He sprung into the saddle and rode down to the camp, Norman following him as fast as he could run. The men were coming out of the saloon, and Varley rode into their midst, pulling up his horse on its haunches. He had regained[295] something of his presence of mind by this time, and his voice was almost as clear and cool as usual as he said:It was, she said. She looked at him wistfully for a moment, thinking that if all were well between them, how she should like to tell him of Normans secret, how she should like to plan with him some way of giving Norman the money which would enable him to ask for Lilias; but she remembered the gulf between themthe sight of Ada leaning on the terrace rail reminded her forcibly of itand she remained silent. Trafford stood still, his face overcast, struggling against the growth of the suspicion which Ada had planted in his mind, and which Esmeraldas conduct and manner seemed to justify. She waited a moment or two as if to see if he wished to say anything more to her, then went into the house. As they passed her, Ada said: How hot it is! and Esmeralda made the proper response and gave a suitable smile. She met Lilias in the hall.


      He was right; he had found them together.


      The fight was nearly over when Varley reached the coach, and his reappearance put the finishing touch to it. Two of[279] the Dogs Ear men lay stretched upon the ground; the Three Star men, breathless and perspiring, were gathered round them; the passengers were huddled together in a heap and trying to realize that this was the end of the nineteenth century; Johnson and the guard were coolly soothing and rubbing down the horses as if this little affair were quite in the ordinary way of business.


      Time passed unnoticed by him; he was in a kind of trance, and he started when the doctor touched him upon the shoulder and beckoned him from the bedside.Lord Trafford looked at the smooth face questioningly.


      Let us come outside, he said; Ill get you a shawl or something.